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3D Video And Animation

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These days, it takes more than something basic to stand out in a crowd. Our specialisation in professional, high-quality 3D animation can take any sized business to the next level.

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation brings video to life. While 2D animation has long been the standard, these days having a video pop off the screen can make a statement. This type of animation allows for a video to appear more lifelike, making it perfect for getting the point across for business purposes in particular.

The simplest way to put it is to consider the differences between the two classic Disney movies, Toy Story and The Little Mermaid. People can have their personal preference on which movie was better, but there is no denying that the 3D animation in Toy Story was much more advanced than the 2D animated The Little Mermaid.

How can 3D Animation Help?

Business owners can benefit significantly from 3D animation in their videos. Whether a company is trying to sell services, a product, or merely explaining, putting it in 3D is the most professional way to animate.

3D explanation videos and 3D product demos are two of the more popular options provided. Many companies will use the explanation videos to bring life to a story. These are meant to be engaging and informative. The tone is unique to every company, so each video is tailored to personal preferences.

Product demos are a great way to explain how something works to an audience. These videos, if done correctly, can boost sales and also cut down on calls from confused customers. They also help to keep customer satisfaction high.

Walkthrough animations are also for educational purposes. The medical field, in particular, can benefit from 3D animation that is much easier to understand than other forms. Other companies will use these detailed animations for walkthroughs at a facility, or other precise instructions.

How to get started

3D video animation can be very hands on for a business, or the creativity can be left up to Avid Integrated. It is encouraged to send in photographs, drawings, and more to start. Provide an overview of the company and an explanation of what the video’s target audience will be.

From there, expect constant communication throughout the process. Video production takes time, and the work will be put in to make it right.

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