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4 Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value After an Accident

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We are often asked if a car’s value decreases after being involved in a collision. The answer to that question is, unfortunately, yes. However, how much your car’s value decreases will depend on the severity of the accident. In some accidents, your car might be totalled, which means that it isn’t even worth repairing. In less serious accidents, the car can be repaired, but the value of the vehicle may still go down.

Once your car is involved in any type of accident, a diminished value claim is included in the vehicle’s history report. Nobody wants to hear that after even a minor accident, their car’s value is going to decrease. The good news, though, is if you have been involved in a collision, there are some things that you can do to boost your car’s value despite the diminished value claim.

As long as your car is not completely destroyed in a collision, it’s best to do everything possible to help combat the decrease in value. If your car has mechanical damage, body damage, or a combination of both, there are several things that you can do to help boost your car’s value.

Here are just four things you can do right now to improve the resale value of your vehicle after a major or minor crash.

Make All Necessary Repairs

The first thing you can do to help boost the value of your vehicle after an accident is to handle all smash repairs. Typically, after any collision claim, your insurance company will have an adjuster come and inspect your vehicle. Even with an adjuster coming out to inspect your vehicle, you can still choose what body shop you are using.

Always use a body shop with experienced mechanics. If you don’t have one that you know and trust, be sure to ask friends or family for recommendations. With a trusted car mechanic, you can rest assured that all of the necessary repairs from the accident are being taken care of, which will help increase the value of your car after they are done.

When looking for an experienced mechanic, always ask if they have a portfolio. Many auto body repair shops keep a portfolio of their work, allowing you to see before-and-after pictures. Even if friends or family members recommend a specific shop, you should always check out their portfolio. A reputable mechanic always stands behind their work. Remember to also ask about any work guarantees they offer.

Use the Correct Parts to Make Repairs

No matter how tempting it might be to use discounted parts to repair any damage, don’t. You might think this option will help you save money on the parts, which will save money on repairs, but you will end up paying for it in the long run. Cheap parts will not last as long as quality parts, so save some time and frustration by purchasing the quality parts.

As soon as the cheap parts fail, you are going to find yourself right back at the repair shop, fixing the same problem again. An experienced mechanic understands the difference between cheap and quality parts. Using the right parts boosts the value of your car if you choose to sell it in the future. Plus, going cheap when repairing body damage is easy to spot, as the repairs look as if they were only done halfway.

Invest in a New Coat of Paint

Doing something as simple as adding a new coat of paint to your car can boost its value after an accident. Most accidents cause at least minor paint damage. With minor damage, you have the option of matching the paint colour and just fixing the small area, or you can spend a little more and paint the entire car.

A huge benefit to a fresh coat of paint on your car’s body is that everything will match perfectly, and any old paint chips or scratches will be gone. Not to mention, a fresh coat of paint will boost a car’s value. Almost all potential buyers will notice when a car has been freshly painted, and for some, it’s a major selling point.

Keep up on Regular Maintenance

Once all the smash repairs in Melbourne are completed and your car has a fresh coat of paint, it’s time to focus on keeping it looking and running like new. Doing regular maintenance on your vehicle is probably the easiest way to increase your car’s value.

Nobody wants to purchase a car that requires major repairs. They are often willing to pay a little extra for one that is in top shape. Regular maintenance isn’t just about checking and changing fluids. You also want to take the time to clean your car inside and out.

In addition to performing routine maintenance on your vehicle, you might want to consider adding any upgrades that you have been thinking about. When you have your car in for necessary repairs after a collision, there is no better time for upgrades as the work is already being done.

Insurance companies won’t pay for any upgrades, but they will cover the base cost of the necessary repair. If you want upgrades done, such as changing the paint colour, adding decals, or adding performance parts, you will have to pay the cost of the upgrades. Almost all upgrades will boost the value of your car even if it’s been involved in a crash.

Once your vehicle has been involved in any collision, remember to use trusted and experienced mechanics who understand how to make all the necessary repairs and upgrades needed to restore your car’s value.

The best mechanics will work closely with you to make sure that everything is taken care of. A top-performing auto body shop will utilise high-quality parts to make the required repairs. Using only the best parts and equipment can help you maximise your car’s value after a crash. Whether you’ve had a minor or major road accident, keep these tips in mind to boost your car’s value!

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