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5 Benefits of Black-out Blinds

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If you’re looking to update your blinds, then you need to switch to black-out blinds. You’ll love their many advantages and will wonder how you ever lived without them.

Black-out blinds (also known as blockout blinds) are fabric blinds that completely block out any light from entering a room. They are completely non-see through and, unlike sheer or transparent blinds, block all view out of a room as well as any light getting into a room.

Black-out blinds are available in a range of different styles including roller blinds, roman blinds, honeycomb blinds, venetian blinds and more.

They offer a range of benefits from privacy to light control and more. So let’s have a look at some of the benefits you can expect from installing black-out blinds.

  • Reduce solar heat gain

As summer gets closer, you need to ensure your home can handle the heat. Black-out blinds are a perfect way to help passively cool your home. Black-out blinds can help to reduce solar heat gain by blocking the sunlight at your windows and reducing the radiant heat.

For best results, you should lower them before the sun reaches its peak. This way, your home can stay as cool as possible without needing to use fans or air conditioning.

  • Block out light as needed

A dark room is essential to a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re going to bed early or rising late, sunlight can spoil your plans. Your body is hardwired to resist sleep while the sun is still out, but black-out blinds can help trick your body into believing it’s night time. This can also be a good strategy to get young kids to take a nap during the day.

You can also use black-out blinds to reduce glare throughout the day. If you’re a gamer or are binging your favourite series during the day, glare on the screen can leave you frustrated. It can make films or shows shot with low light next to impossible to watch.

While you could wait until night to avoid this glare, with black-out blinds, you can watch whatever you want, whenever you want. Simply lower the blinds to block out the light as needed. You can even incorporate them into your own home cinema set up.

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  • Improve privacy

If you value your privacy, then you need black-out blinds. Not only will they block light, but you can be sure that no one can see in. The dense material means that even if you have the light on inside, no one can see in — they won’t even be able to see a silhouette.

  • Improve security

Black-out blinds are also a simple way to bolster your home security. Since they obscure the view through your windows, they make it more difficult for potential burglars to see if there are any valuables worth stealing. They also make it harder to tell if anyone is inside the house, which decreases the chance of someone breaking in.

  • Suit any style

It can be hard to find window coverings to suit your home’s style. However, black-out blinds come in a range of styles, perfect to suit any home. They’re often simple and understated, making them perfect to complement any room.

You can also get patterned black-out blinds. They can suit the theme of a child’s room or be an easy way to add a personal touch to a bland space.

There are plenty of great reasons to invest in black-out blinds. From improved privacy, guaranteed darkness when you need to sleep and reduced heat gain, black-out blinds are a must-have for any home.

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