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5 Serious Roof Emergencies

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Your roofing system is arguably the most vulnerable part of your home’s exterior, and it requires adequate maintenance and care to keep it up to par. Roof damage can be hard to spot if you’re not looking for it, so many people work with contractors in order to have their roofs regularly checked and repaired if necessary.

But sometimes, our roof needs more than a one-off inspection once every few years. Certain events can leave your roof in need of urgent repairs that can’t be held off on. Not doing so not only puts your safety at risk but jeopardizes the structural integrity of your home and may lead to even costlier damage. Here are 5 times when your roof may need emergency roof repairs and the help of an experienced professional.

Fallen trees and branches

Australian weather can be unpredictable and can often lead to trees and branches falling and damaging our roofs. Ageing trees can also be dangerous and can break apart with no warning at any time.

If these trees or branches are heavy enough and hit your roof at the right angle, a considerable amount of damage can be done. If you can see that a large branch or tree has fallen onto your roof, make sure to get an expert out there as soon as possible even if you can’t spot any damage yourself.

Animal or pest damage

Animals such as possums are known to turn the inside of our roofs into their personal homes and they can cause serious damage over time. Whether it’s breaking roof tiles or leaving behind an awful smell, animals can be a nuisance and the longer you leave them in there, the more expensive the repairs will be.

Termites are also a huge hazard to your roof, causing the ceilings to sag if the joists have been eaten through and the timbers that support the roof coverings being destroyed. These both pose major safety hazards, so if any damage like this is spotted make sure to have it looked at immediately.

Heavy winds

Heavy winds can not only cause branches and trees to fall onto your roof, but if they’re strong enough they can do plenty of damage all on their own. Fast-moving winds can harm even brand new and structurally sound roofs, tearing off shingles and tiles and destroying chimneys.

If your neighbourhood has experienced high winds, it may be a good idea to have your roof checked out just to be safe. The damage they can cause could leave vulnerable parts of your roof exposed to the outside elements, causing even more destruction.


It should come as no surprise that a lightning strike can cause a heap of damage if it hits your roof. Although such an occurrence is rare, it certainly isn’t unheard of. A lightning strike can tear a hole in your roof, damage the structure underneath it and destroy its shingles and tiles.

It can also travel through the wiring of your home, causing an electrical fire. If a lightning strike has hit your home, your roof repair specialist will check for any signs of burning or charring and assess the severity of the situation.


A fire can absolutely devastate any area of your home, including the roof. The larger the fire, the more at risk you are of your roof being destroyed. After the fire has been extinguished, you should always check the roof for any signs of damage.

In many cases, an entirely new roof may have to be constructed, although if you’re lucky a good repairman should do the trick.

Roof damage is always something that should be taken seriously, with only the most trusted professionals on the job. An emergency roof repairman called at the right time can mean the difference between quick, easy repairs and major damage that quickly turns into a money pit. Make sure you know when the right time to call emergency repair services is and give your roof the care it deserves.

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