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6 Commonly Neglected Areas of the Home

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No matter how thoroughly you think you’ve cleaned your home, chances are there’s somewhere you’ve missed. While it’s easy enough to mop your kitchen floor and scrub the inside of your toilet, there are plenty of hidden areas of your home that too often get forgotten. Over time, these areas build up more and more dirt and grime, making them covered in germs and even harder to clean.

Once or twice a month, you should make a note to clean these parts of your house and avoid letting them fester and grow. To help you make sure no stone goes unturned, we’ve made a list of 6 of the most commonly neglected areas of the home, and how you can get them cleaned properly.

  1. Air conditioning unit

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner is an important part of maintaining good air quality within your home. The filter specifically is designed to catch dust, and if they’re not cleaned properly they can get clogged up and even grow mould. A clogged air filter can also make your air conditioner harder to run, consuming more energy and costing you more money.

How to clean your air conditioner will depend on your unit, so make sure you check the instructions and read them carefully. Generally, you’ll want to clean its dust filters, louvres and outdoor unit to get yourself started. For the best results, hire professional air conditioner repair specialists to service your unit and keep it running at optimal levels.

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  1. Refrigerator

Cleaning the inside of your fridge is without a doubt tedious, and you’ll have to remove all your food out of it to get the job done right. While it is annoying, it’s an essential part of keeping your fridge free from nasty bacteria and bad smells that can build up over time.

Something you should already be doing regularly is cleaning out any old and expired food. On top of that, you should clean your fridges, shelves and cabinets with warm soapy water, while wiping down the doors and interior walls with a white vinegar solution. You’ll thank yourself for it once you have a glistening, well-organised fridge full of fresh food.

  1. Kitchen cabinets

Although they’re easy enough to clean, many of us forget to give our kitchen cabinets a good wipe down. A simple solution of warm soapy water should be enough to do the trick, getting rid of grime and leaving them sparkly clean again.

If your cabinets are a little worse for wear, you may have to use a professional grade product that contains orange oil. After you’ve cleaned the exterior, you can start on the inside by wiping away any crumbs and dirt with a damp cloth and then using the same water and soap solution again to clean away any germs. We recommend leaving them open for a few hours while they dry after you’re done.

  1. Behind the toilet

While no one likes cleaning their toilet, it simply has to be done. It’s an important part of stopping the spread of bacteria and germs, as well as keeping your bathroom presentable and smelling fresh. Although most people manage to stay on top of cleaning the inside of their toilet, many of us forget to clean behind it.

Dirt and grime build up easily back there, and are too foten left to accumulate over time. Spray an all-purpose cleaner on the area and leave it to soak for 10 minutes before wiping it away with a paper towel.

Toilet cleaning
  1. Shower screen/door

Too many of us love to ignore our shower door, and it shows. Streaks, mould, grime and soap scum can all build up over time, leaving a dirty, germ-infested surface that only gets more difficult to clean.

Use a glass cleaner to wipe your shower screen down with streak-free results, and a magic eraser to fight any tough gunk that may have formed. To make cleaning your screen easier, try wiping down the screen daily once you’re done in the shower to stop streaks from appearing.

  1. Under the furniture

Cleaning under heavy furniture and appliances is a pain, and almost too easy to ignore. But over time these hard-to-reach areas become covered in dust, hair and grime that can spread to other areas of your home.

Luckily, there are several products on the market that make it easy to clean these areas. Invest in an extension duster for rooms with floorboards, or use the extension wand from your vacuum cleaner in areas with carpet. While you should move your furniture and give it a proper clean every few months, these tricks will do the job in the meantime.

Giving your home a good, thorough clean is an important part of maintaining your home and keeping it in good condition. Whether you’re leasing somewhere or you’re a homeowner, staying on top of these commonly neglected areas will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run and save you from potential damage and expensive repairs.

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