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6 Ways to Organise Your Kitchen Space

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It can be tough to organise your kitchen. You need to take into account factors like accessibility, space and hygiene. Kitchens also tend to have awkward and cumbersome items, like pots and pans and appliances, that can be tricky to store. Besides the pots and pans, you’ll also have a lot of small essentials to organise like utensils, cleaning supplies, spices, cutting boards, paper towels, pantry supplies and more.

For those with limited kitchen space, this can feel like an overwhelming task. And even if you somehow get your kitchen nicely organised, one cooking session is all it takes to undo all that hard work.

So, how do you keep your cooking space tidy and organised? The best way is to talk to the kitchen design specialists and maybe look into a kitchen makeover.

In the meantime, we have a few quick fix solutions to improve your kitchen’s storage space.

  1. Tip-out Drawers

Using tip-out drawers can be a great way to make optimal use of the space underneath your kitchen sink. They are shallow plastic or metal trays that tilt open, rather than sliding open like a traditional drawer. Since they don’t require the depth of counter space that a sliding drawer does, they are a great way of creating additional storage space beneath kitchen sinks. They are perfect for storing sponges, steel scourers, small towels and other tools that you might need when washing the dishes.

Since these drawers will be within reach when you’re standing, they will give you easy access to your dishwashing items. No longer will you have to crouch and blindly reach for the sponges or scouring pads in the back of your cupboard.

  1. Use the Walls

Have a quick look around your kitchen. You may be surprised at how much empty wall space there is. With a little clever thinking, this wall space can be turned into storage space.

A blank wall is a great place to hang kitchen essentials like spatulas, wooden spoons, whisks and pans. To do this, you can use peg-boards, a hanging wall-mount or even just simple hooks.

Using the wall for storage is a great way to keep these utensils organised while also allowing easy access. Additionally, since the utensils will be kept visible you won’t have to rummage through those over-stuffed kitchen drawers any more.

With plenty of wall storage options, you should have no problems matching the decor of your kitchen.

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  1. Vertical Storage

Those high cupboards can be tough to fill. If you only use the bottom part, you’re left with an enormous amount of space above. On the other hand, if you do use the space above, it can be difficult accessing the items that are crushed at the bottom. As for items on the top, you might have to use a small stool to reach them.

Vertically storing items like plates and cutting boards will allow you to make better use of your cupboard and shelving space without having to worry about accessibility. In some cases, you might have to install vertical panels or storage racks to safely store and separate kitchen items like plates, and chopping boards.

  1. Makeshift Drawers

Deep cupboards and shelves can be tricky to use. If you fill them up all the way, it can be difficult accessing the items in the back. If you only use the front, then you have a lot of wasted space.

One solution is to create makeshift drawers. You can use plastic tubs to store items like linen, placemats and napkins. You can then place these tubs on your shelves and cupboards. With this method, you’ll be able to organise your items via size or type. Maybe you can put all your canned goods in one tub and all your linen in another.

The best part is, you can just pull the plastic tub out to get what you need. You don’t have to reach for that one placemat that’s stuck in the back.

  1. Open Shelving

Open shelving is a great way to store kitchen items that need to be out of the way when not in use, but can be easily accessed when needed. This type of shelving can be incorporated in the adjacent space above the sink or stove.

Such shelves can be perfect for small kitchen appliances and other useful items like spice containers and your trusty bottle of olive oil. Additionally, the space underneath the shelves can also be used to hang other essentials like spatulas and wooden spoons.

The surface above your overhead cupboards can also act as an open shelf. This space can be used to store items that are rarely used like bulky display bowls, large containers and cake stands. It’s also a great space to put your bottles of wine and hard liquor.

  1. Pots and pans Organiser

Simply buying a pots and pans organiser can really change how your kitchen space operates. Instead of having pans that are randomly stuffed in your cupboards, you can have them nicely laid out in a plastic rack.

An organiser will make it easier for you to find and access certain items. You don’t have to take out a bunch of pots just to get that one pan at the bottom.

To make the most out of kitchen space, you have to think outside the box. Be clever with how you use the little nooks and crannies in your kitchen. Hopefully the tips we’ve outlined above gave you some ideas on how you can better organise your cooking space. Keep looking around. See if there are ways that you can repurpose a cupboard, a small gap between cabinets or an empty wall.

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