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7 different bags for different purposes

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Choosing the right kind of bag for your outing can seem like an inconsequential choice. But as many of us know from experience, it can be the difference between smooth sailing and a disaster waiting to happen.

Not only does it depend on where you’ll be going and how long for, but it also comes down to your personal preference, strength and needs. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the various types of bags and what they’re best suited for.

  1. Backpacks

Backpacks are great because they’re relatively compact, keep your hands free and come with plenty of pockets and different sections to keep your belongings organised and secure.

They’re perfectly suited for camping and road trips, where you won’t be packing a huge amount and will be spending the majority of your time in nature. Make sure you grab one with strong shoulder straps that can handle a heavy load without getting distressed.

  1. Messenger bags
messenger bags for women

Messenger bags are super handy as they offer easy, quick access to your belongings. They’re great for people who bike or who want a slightly cooler, retro alternative to a briefcase.

They also are very compact and are a great option for those who want a less bulky, complicated style of bag.

  1. Laptop bags
leather laptop bags for men

Laptop bags are designed to keep your laptop, iPads and other electronic devices secure, safe and free from scratches and other damage. Although messenger bags serve a similar purpose, laptop bags offer an extra layer of protection for the extra-cautious traveller. They also feature specialised storage specifically designed for laptop accessories like power adapters, keyboards, mouse and more.

  1. Clutch bags
clutch bags australia

Clutch bags are a small, stylish option for those just needing to pack the essentials. They can make a great fashion statement at parties and events, or social outings with friends.

While they might not be able to carry much, they’re super convenient, easy to carry and versatile.

  1. Duffle bags
Duffle bags

A duffle bag or a “weekender” is a large cylinder-shaped bag with carry straps and zips. They’re perfect for short trips as they’re much easier to lug around than a bulky suitcase and they don’t have to be wheeled over uneven surfaces.

They also work as a second, smaller bag to take away on bigger trips alongside something bigger. They’re ideal for storing awkwardly shaped items, such as shoes or sporting equipment that don’t always comfortably fit in a suitcase.

  1. Tote bags
leather tote bags australia

Tote bags are an increasingly trendy option that is both large enough to carry plenty of your belongings yet small enough to bring anywhere.

Although they lack internal organisation, tote bags have become many people’s go-to bag for errands, day trips and social outings. They’re a great way to add a bit of personality to your look and make a statement.

  1. Beach bags
beach bag australia

Going to the beach can require a hefty amount of belongings. With towels, changes of clothes, sunscreen, water bottles and snacks in tow, your regular old tote bag or backpack probably won’t do the trick.

Beach bags are designed to carry all your beach essentials with style and practicality. They can also be great for picnics and other outdoor activities.

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