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7 Tips for Keeping your Bathroom Clean

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If you’re anything like me, cleaning the bathroom is one domestic chore that you struggle to keep up with. Jobs like scrubbing the tiles, getting the soap scum off the shower screen, wiping out basins and cleaning toilets just never seem like a good use of my weekend time.

Unfortunately, being lax with the bathroom cleaning comes at a cost. The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to clean when you do finally get around to it. And in some cases, like if mould has started growing in the tile grout, you may not be able to reverse the problem.

So when it comes to cleaning the bathroom, the trick is to do a little bit each day, rather than one big clean every six months. That way you stay on top of the process and don’t give the mould, mildew and soap scum a chance to gain a foothold.

We have some tips for simple daily or weekly cleaning tasks that will keep your bathroom squeaky clean without the major elbow grease.

  1. Give the shower a quick wipe after every use
Shower Cleaning

Now, don’t panic. I’m not saying you should give the shower a full scrub every day. Instead, keep a squeegee and cleaning cloth within reaching distance. When you’re done showering, give the glass shower screen a quick once-over with the squeegee and the metal frame and fittings a quick wipe down with the cloth. If you want to get serious, you could also run the squeegee over the tiles and tub to really stop mildew in its tracks. A minute or two of cleaning after each use will be enough to stop soap scum and mildew from building up in the shower.

  1. Ditch the bar of hand soap

Replace the bar of hand soap at the sink with a liquid soap in a pump dispenser. This is a much cleaner and tidier option that will help you avoid the scummy soap build up in the soap dish and around the sink. Bonus tip: run your liquid soap dispenser through the dishwasher before each refill to help keep it clean and hygienic. Soap or Detergent, Which is best?

  1. Wipe down the sink each day

After brushing your teeth at night, give the sink a quick wipe down. It should only take 30 seconds and it will help to avoid the buildup of soap, toothpaste, hair, makeup, shaving scum and the rest of the nasties that mess up your sink. Keep a cleaning cloth in the cabinet under the sink ready for the nightly clean.

  1. Give the mirror a weekly wipe
Bathroom Mirror Cleaning

Over time, your bathroom mirror can start to look really grimey. Fingerprints, water marks, dust and other stains can build up and affect the clarity of the reflection. Even if your bathroom is clean, looking into a dirty mirror can create the perception of dirtiness. Giving your mirror a quick blast of glass cleaner and a weekly wipe down will keep it sparkly clean, giving you that crystal clear reflection and helping to better reflect the light through the bathroom.

  1. Organise your storage

Keeping the bathroom neat and tidy is an essential part of cleanliness. If your vanity is overloaded with half-used toiletries or your cabinets or drawers are in a state of chaos, this will have a major impact on the cleanliness of your bathroom. Use baskets in cabinets and drawers and trays on countertops and vanities to organise the clutter. And don’t let the clutter build up. Try to go through your drawers and cabinets every couple of months and throw away anything you no longer need.

  1. Regularly clean the toilet

No one likes this job, but it’s an essential part of bathroom cleanliness. Run the toilet brush around the bowl once a day to minimise the yucky buildup. Once a week, get in there with the toilet cleaner and give it a good clean inside and out. Bonus tip: soak your toilet brush in a bucket of warm water and bleach every couple of weeks to keep it sparkly clean and hygienic.

  1. Maximise natural light and air flow

Try to ensure your bathroom gets as much natural light and ventilation as possible. Mould and mildew thrive in dark, moist conditions. Sunlight and air flow will help to remove a significant amount of moisture from damp surfaces and from the air. This will limit the growth of mould and mildew. It will also help to keep the air fresh and disperse odours, which will contribute to the overall feel of cleanliness.

And we’re done! By staying on top of these basic jobs throughout the week, you can keep your bathroom cleaner for longer and avoid those backbreaking tile and grout scrubbing sessions.

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