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8 Reasons Commercial Dust Extraction is Important

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In simple terms, dust extraction refers to an industrial process used for removing dust and other impurities from gas or air to improve air quality. While this process can be costly, it provides numerous benefits that can enhance your overall industrial activities.

Here are 8 reasons dust extraction is important:

  1. It promotes health and safety

Undoubtedly, the promotion of health and safety is the biggest and most notable reason for dust extraction. Most industrial activities produce lots of dust, contaminants, particulates, and other impurities. If these impurities are not extracted, you are exposing yourself and your workers to respiratory diseases, skin infections and irritations, eye problems, and so on. This is especially the case in processes like sandblasting, where workers can be exposed to harmful crystalline silica.

However, with dust extraction, these health issues are mitigated as the harmful dust is extracted from the worksite. Industrial or commercial dust extraction processes work best in combination with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

  1. It improves product and process quality

Liquids, chemicals, and mixed particles can easily mix with dust and other contaminants. While you and your workers may not notice this aberration, the quality of the product will take a big hit. Some particulates are also capable of affecting the process quality of some industrial activities.

A professional dust extraction system will help to ensure that product and process quality remains contaminant free.

  1. It extends the life of machinery

The effect of dust doesn’t stop at affecting workers’ health. It can also impact the life of your machinery. Contaminants, particulates and other impurities can harm some machinery, leading to increases in repair and maintenance requirements. This will increase maintenance costs and reduce the lifespan of the machinery.

  1. It reduces pollution

In industrial areas, air pollution is usually a big issue. It is worthwhile to note that dust, contaminants and other wastes produced during industrial activities are some of the major causes of pollution.

A dust extraction system not only removes dust and other pollutants from the worksite, but it also helps to filter the matter to ensure it isn’t released into the atmosphere, waterways or landfill.

  1. It minimises clean-up

Generally, clean-up is an essential part of every industrial activity. However, you can reduce the cost and time of clean-up if you can use a dust extractor to remove dust and other harmful participles from the air.

  1. It prevents damage to surrounding areas and equipment

As dust is continuously produced and left in the air, it is bound to spread to surrounding areas and equipment. Although this may look harmless at the beginning, the surrounding areas and equipment may be damaged by the accumulated dust.

Therefore, you must go the extra mile to prevent damage by investing in dust extraction. This will play a key role in saving you lots of money that would have been wasted on repairing or replacing the damaged surrounding areas and equipment.

  1. It keeps your employees happy

Without a doubt, everyone hates working in a dusty environment. So, even if your employees don’t stop working with you because of dust, they are likely going to be unhappy with the environment. Unluckily, the unhappiness of your employees will affect their performance; hence, their productivity may drop drastically.

So, don’t wait until your employees display their unhappiness before hiring an expert to improve the air quality with dust extraction. Use a high-quality dust filter and other items to remove dust from the air and make your workers happy.

  1. It assists you to meet safety guidelines

Some safety guidelines require companies to put a proper dust extraction in place. If you want to comply with such guidelines, you cannot avoid this process.

With these 8 reasons, you now understand why you must invest in dust extraction.

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