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Benefits of Installing Security Cameras in your Home

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No one likes thinking about the possibility of their house being broken into. However, to ensure that it doesn’t happen, we need to take the proper steps in protecting our homes and our families.

Surveillance cameras are a great way to increase the security of your property. It lets you monitor your house and discourages burglars from breaking in.

To help you decide whether or not they’re for you, here are four benefits to having surveillance cameras in your home.

  1. You can monitor your home from anywhere

Many surveillance camera systems can be synced with your smartphone. This way, you can monitor your property wherever you go. Some systems even send notifications to your phone if someone’s at the front door or if the cameras recognise unusual activity.

Whether you’re at work or enjoying a vacation overseas, it’s good to be able to keep an eye on your property. With multiple security cameras around the house you’ll be able to monitor the access points of your home, your front lawn, your kitchen and your living room. The main benefit of this is peace of mind. If you have kids or pets, you’ll be able to see if they’re staying safe within your home. If you’re waiting for an important package, you can monitor your front door to ensure that no one steals the parcel.

More importantly, you can alert your neighbours or a person inside the house if you see unusual activity around your property. It could be a burglar trying to break in or someone vandalising the exterior. For further security, alarm systems are often used along with security cameras. Motion sensors will catch unauthorised individuals and sound the alarm once they step foot on your property.

  1. Prevents break-in attempts

Catching burglars in the act is good; preventing break-ins altogether is even better. With CCTV cameras spread around your home, trespassers will think twice about setting foot on your property. Homes with visible security cameras will likely have alarm systems, security gates, reinforced windows and pin-coded doors. Many burglars will consider such homes to be too risky to break into.

In fact, there was a study by the University of North Carolina that backs this up.They found that, when targeting homes to break into, burglars often choose the property with fewer security features.

When getting your cameras installed, the only thing to watch out for are blind spots. Make sure that your cameras cover all the access points to your home. This includes less obvious ones like climbable fences and vulnerable windows.

  1. Recorded footage can be used as evidence

Unfortunately, not all burglaries can be thwarted. If you come home one day and you find that your house has been robbed, you can turn to your security cameras to find out what happened. With the high-quality cameras that are available nowadays, you should be able to determine the build and height of the tresspaper. In some cases you might be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of their face. This will help you and the police to track down the burglar. Hopefully, you’ll get your valuables back before it’s too late.

Additionally, if you’re in a legal battle, the footage from your security cameras can be used as evidence. This might be useful when there’s a dispute regarding parking, vandalism, trespassing or even stalking.

  1. Long term investment

The upfront cost of surveillance cameras is a small price to pay for long-term safety and peace of mind. Most security systems require little maintenance. Once they’re installed, they’re there to do their jobs for many years to come.

Also, having security features can help lower the premiums that you pay for home insurance. This is because insurance providers will perceive your home as more secure and less likely to be broken into.

It’s important to do whatever you can do to protect your home. Although the price of security cameras is quite high, preventing the possibility of a family member getting injured or an heirloom getting stolen is far more valuable. With security cameras, you’ll feel less stressed whenever you need to go away for a business trip or a vacation. If you feel that you can benefit from surveillance cameras, consult with a security specialist today to find the products that are right for you and your property.

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