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Car Service

4 Simple Performance Mods for Your Car

If you’re looking to get the maximum performance out of your car, there are plenty of options to choose from. However, some performance modifications...

The Telltale Signs That Your Cylinder Head May Be Faulty

No matter how well you take care of your car, it’s always going to need repairing from time to time. One of the most...

4 Ways to Boost Your Car’s Value After an Accident

We are often asked if a car’s value decreases after being involved in a collision. The answer to that question is, unfortunately, yes. However,...

What to Do Before Privately Selling Your Car?

If you’ve decided to buy a new car, chances are you’re going to need to sell your old one. Many people decide to privately...

5 Signs your Suspension needs Attention

Any good mechanic will tell you how important your suspension is to the safe and smooth handling of your car. The suspension is an...

Common Signs of Clutch and Automatic Transmission Problems

The clutch is an essential component of any vehicle. It connects and disconnects the engine from the driveshaft. As a result, it deals with...

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