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Five Newborn Baby Gifts

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It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve gone through the process; buying a gift for a newborn baby is always tough. Once you start browsing those online sites, you’ll start asking yourself a bunch of questions. For example,

Do you really want to get baby clothes that the child will outgrow in a few months?

What if the parents don’t like the design you’ve chosen?

Do you buy organic or natural baby products?

Do you have to get something for mum and dad too?

In this blog, we’re going to try and make the gifting process a little bit easier. To help you out, we’ve listed five newborn baby gift ideas.

  1. Baby skincare products
Baby skincare products

Babies have extremely soft and delicate skin that is prone to rashes, irritation and dryness. Because of this, parents need to make sure that their baby’s skin is protected and well-nourished. With this in mind, it might be a good idea to give new parents a range of quality baby skincare products.

When it comes to skincare, there are three main products that you should look out for. They are body washes, lotions and oils. Baby body washes are specifically designed not to irritate the delicate baby skin during bath time. A good body wash will prevent inflammation and rashes. After washing, you will then need to use lotion so that the skin can regain the moisture that it lost during the bath. Lastly, massage oils can be used to protect the baby’s skin from contaminants.

On the internet, you can easily find suppliers of quality baby skincare products. We recommended finding one that’s local and that promotes eco-friendly production practices.

  1. Mittens and socks
Mittens and socks

Because a baby’s body isn’t as big as an adult, it tends to lose heat pretty quickly. As a result, parents will need to ensure that their baby is warm at all times. To help mum and dad do this, you might want to get them a set of mittens and socks. Not only do these accessories keep their baby’s hands and feet warm, but they also protect the baby’s face from their sharp nails.

Colorful mittens and socks will also be of visual interest for the baby. These points of interest will aid in developing hand, foot and eye coordination.

  1. Blankets

Of course, parents will also need a blanket to keep their child warm throughout the night. When it comes to choosing a blanket, it’s essential that it’s the proper weight. Indeed, a blanket that’s too heavy might disrupt the baby’s breathing. Additionally, you’ll want to get a blanket that has a breathable fabric. You wouldn’t want the baby to get too warm and develop a heat rash. If you’re unsure about whether or not a certain fabric is safe for a baby, make sure you ask the suppliers directly if you can.

Baby blankets also come in various shapes, styles and sizes. Whatever you get, just make sure that it is big enough and that it suits the baby in some way.

  1. Bibs
Baby bibs

The bib is mum and dad’s best friend. It keeps the baby’s clothes dry and stain-free. Bibs can protect the baby’s shirt from saliva, food crumbs as well dark stains from drinks and sauces.

Of course, like most baby accessories, bibs come in a variety of designs. If you’re getting a set of bibs as a gift, make sure you get a range of styles that the parents can choose from. Also, if they happen to lose one, they’ll have plenty of back up.

Additionally, since most bibs are adjustable, the baby won’t grow out of them in just a few months.

  1. Toys
Toys for baby

You can never go wrong with toys. When it comes to newborns, you obviously don’t want to buy anything sharp, heavy or otherwise dangerous. Because of this, you’ll want to find toys that are made of soft materials. Plush toys are perfect for newborns. They’re colorful, soft, and typically have no features that could hurt the baby.

There are also toys that help with the development of the newborn. Once the child starts growing teeth, they will begin to chew on pretty much anything they can see. They’ll chew through clothes, blankets, stuffed toys and pretty much anything they can get a hold of. To ensure that they don’t hurt themselves, it’s best to get a baby to a teether. Teethers are designed to soothe the baby’s gums while their teeth begin to grow.

There you have it, five awesome gift ideas for a newborn. Of course, if you would like to mix and match some of these gifts, you’re more than welcome to do so. At the end of the day, if you put in some effort and get the new parents a thoughtful gift, it will almost always be appreciated. Indeed, it’s the thought that counts.

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