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5 Incredible Gift Ideas For Second-Time Mums

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Things are not quite the same when someone close to you is expecting a second child. For starters, they already have lots of gifts. Also, they usually have lots of gear, newborn clothing, and toys. As such, it can be a challenge finding a gift they will love. Do you buy a crib, a towel or extra clothing? If you are struggling with the perfect gift to give a second-time mum, this list of favourite baby gift ideas is sure to intrigue you.

  1. A baby hamper

You will never go wrong when you go for a baby hamper as a gift for your second-mum friend. They usually feature a teddy bear for your bundle of joy as well as flowers and chocolate for the mum to be. You could even go for a baby hamper with a posh champagne bottle for after birth, or a friend with lots of teddies. And the best thing with baby hampers is that they provide a cost-effective, unique and simple way of expressing your love and care about the new mum-to-be.

  1. Hands-Free Pumping Bustier

Breastfeeding mothers with more than one child often don’t have much time for pumping. But with a hands-free bustier, your mom-to-be will easily pump and pay attention to the child at the same time. What’s more, it is stretchy, which makes it comfortable straight after delivery until the time you retire it.

  1. Insulated Bottle Bag

With so many chores to handle, your new mum friend will mostly be feeding the baby while on the move. An insulated bag will help her to keep food and nappy pouches upright and cold. It also provides a more stylish way compared to using a sibling’s lunch box.

  1. Spare Bedding

Your new mother-to-be will certainly be exhausted with the many chores that await her. From changing diapers to washing them, it can seem too much for anyone. Therefore, by gifting her a few sets of new beddings, you will be doing her great favour. Plus, you can be sure she will love this gift.

  1. Baby Carrier

One of the best gifts for busy moms who are expecting another baby is a hands-free baby carrier. With it, mama can not only get those incredible infant snuggles but also still manage to play with older kids, run errands or even get things accomplished around the house.

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Whether it’s your friend or a family member that has announced she’s expecting a second baby, you need to start thinking of a gift that she can love and which is also practical. These 5 gift ideas will save you time and ensure your friend gets a unique present that she will fall in love with.

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