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Hidden Costs of Owning a Pool

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When you call up the swimming pool builders, you’re likely already aware of all the upfront costs. You’ve probably calculated everything meticulously and decided that you can finally afford your dream swimming pool.

However, in your excitement, you might fail to budget for hidden costs. If you don’t budget properly, your dream might soon become your worst nightmare.

Calculating maintenance costs is important if you want to make sure that your swimming pool is clean, safe, efficient and beautiful all throughout the year.

To help you, we’re going to discuss five hidden costs of owning a pool. We’ll go over everything that you need to consider such as landscaping, government approvals, heating costs and more.

  1. Maintenance and repairs

A swimming pool requires a lot of maintenance. To ensure that the water is safe to swim in, you’ll also need functioning filters, water pumps, heaters and so on. In addition, you also need to keep track of pH levels, cleanliness of the pool floors and the condition of your poolside. 

As you might expect, maintaining all of these things will cost you a considerable amount of money. Eventually, you’ll need to pay for replacement filters, water pump repairs, poolside repairs, cleaning products and pool chemicals. If you don’t have the skills for certain repair jobs (i.e., fixing malfunctioning water pumps and heaters) you’ll likely have to pay professional contractors to do it for you.

  1. Landscaping

The area surrounding your pool is just as important as the pool itself. If you don’t take care of the greenery around your swimming pool, it’s going to take away from the appeal and aesthetic of your backyard.

Because of this, it’s important that you budget for landscaping costs as well. Landscapers often base their rate on the complexity of the job. For minor work, most rates are generally affordable. However, for larger projects, the rate per hour can quickly skyrocket.

If you’re looking to do the landscaping on your own, you still need to budget for equipment such as lawnmowers, irrigation tools, rakes and so on. Personal protective equipment such as earmuffs, protective classes and gloves are also important.

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  1. Permits

In Victoria, any swimming pool or spa deeper than 300mm requires a building permit. Though most pool builders will help you acquire the permit, you likely will have to fork out money for it. Besides the pool itself, you will likely need permits for pool fences, excavations and extended pool decks.

It’s important to remember that laws regarding pool permits might vary depending on the state. If you’re looking to build a pool, please refer to your local government’s website for more information.

  1. Energy costs

If you want to be able to use your pool all throughout the year, you’ll need water heaters, a lighting system and a water pump. Needless to say, all of these things can cause your monthly electricity bills to increase significantly. If you have automated chlorinators and pool jets, you might see an even higher increase in your bills.

To help you save money on electricity, consider using solar-powered equipment instead. This strategy is particularly effective if you live in a sunny area.

  1. Effort

A great swimming pool comes with a whole lot of responsibilities. Even if you pay contractors to do all the maintenance work for you, there are still things that you need to do as the owner. This might be covering the pool during the winter, removing leaves and other debris from the water, regularly washing your poolside, turning off the heaters and so on.

If these tasks sound like chores, it’s because they are. If you want a swimming pool, you need to be prepared to spend money and put in a lot of effort.

Before you splurge on that pool, make sure you understand how much a swimming pool actually costs. By planning out your purchase carefully, you’ll be saving yourself a whole lot of headaches in the future.

If you need advice on budgeting and swimming pool installations, please contact your local swimming pool builders.

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