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How to Care for your Hair Extensions

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Just like your natural hair, Human hair extensions also need some regular care and attention. They need to be washed, combed and dried properly to keep them looking their best. Improperly caring for your extensions can cause breakage, matting and tangles.

To help you keep those long locks strong and smooth, here’s a quick crash course on hair extension maintenance.

Regular Brushing

Regular brushing is necessary if you want to keep your extensions tangle-free. For the best results, it is recommended that on the days you wear the extensions you brush the hair in the morning, just before bed and after washing.

If you find that brushing your extensions causes strands to fall out, make sure you’re not brushing it too hard. In the case of hair extensions, hair fall has more to do with the manner with which you brush rather than the amount of times that you brush it.

However, if you still find that you’re losing strands despite gentle brushing, you might have to invest in a higher quality brush. For example, looped hair brushes have looped bristles that allow the strands to pass through. This minimises tangling and reduces the chances of hair fall.

Wash your Extensions Properly

Just like natural hair, washing your hair extensions too often can strip the strands of their natural oils, leaving them dry and brittle. To retain the proper moisture levels in the extensions, you should wash them every 15-20 wears.

It is recommended that you wash your extensions in the shower along with your real hair. This will allow the water and shampoo to slide down your hair, smoothing out any knots or entanglements. If you wash the extensions in a basin, the strands can get tangled, making it harder to brush out knots and tangles.

When applying shampoo, make sure to apply it near the roots. This will ensure that any excess oil near the base is removed. As with your natural hair, be careful not to use excessively hot water as it can dry out and weaken the shafts.

Always use the hair products recommended by the manufacturer. As a general rule, it’s best to avoid products that contain alcohol and sulfates. These substances can remove moisture and damage your extensions.

Follow a Conditioning Routine

Every time you shampoo your extensions, they become a little bit drier. To make sure your hair extensions remain moisturised and strong, apply conditioner every time you shampoo them. Conditioner will replace the moisture that was lost during the washing process. It also creates a protective layer on the cuticles, preventing breakage.

When applying conditioner, keep it at the ends of your hair. Conditioning the roots can cause the extensions to slip down. Additionally, applying conditioner to the base of your hair can make your extensions look limp and lifeless.

Keep Heat Treatment to a minimum

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If your hair extensions are made of real human hair, then you can use heat treatment to style them. However, overusing heat treatments can cause the shafts to break. Unlike natural hair, your hair extensions will not grow back. If they get damaged, you will have to shell out more cash for replacements.

To avoid this, make sure you protect your extensions from heat damage. One way to do this is through a heat protectant. Heat protectants can be sprayed onto the hair cuticle, creating a protective layer that prevents too much heat from making contact with the shaft.

Another way to mitigate heat damage is to lower the temperature of your treatment tools. It’s going to take longer to style your hair, but it will lower the risk of damage and ensure that your extensions will last longer.

Don’t Sleep with Wet Extensions

After you’ve washed your extensions, leave them in a place where they can air dry. Make sure that they are completely dry before you hop into bed. When hair is wet, it is vulnerable to damage and tangles. Tossing around your bed with damp hair can cause breakage and matting.

Treat your extensions the same way you do your real hair. With proper maintenance, they will remain in good condition for a long time. If you take care of your extensions, you won’t have to spend days looking for another set of extensions that suits your hair. So, consider the tips we’ve outlined above and save yourself from having to buy replacement hair extensions much earlier than is necessary.

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