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How to Properly Use a Safety Razor

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If you’ve been using disposable razors with 3 or 5 blades, you may think there’s no reason to ever use an old-school safety razor. With its single blade and seemingly antiquated design, many people dismiss them as a thing of the past.

However, more and more people are saying goodbye to their disposable razors and going back to basics with safety razors. But why?

With their incredibly close shave and reduced wastage, safety razors are coming back in style as an environmentally friendly alternative to disposables. With around two billion disposable razors thrown away every year, it’s clear that this practice is no longer sustainable. If you’re thinking about making the switch, here’s everything you need to know about shaving with a safety razor.

Invest in a high-quality razor

Investing in a higher quality safety razor will be a lifetime investment that you’ll never have to replace. While cheaper ones are often made from plastic or can be difficult to handle, spending that little extra on a brand you can trust will give you the perfect shave and a razor that’s sustainable and long lasting. It’s also vital to invest in highly quality razor blades and to regularly replace the blade.

Study the direction of your hair growth

Generally, facial hair grows in a downwards direction. However, for some people, their hair can grow in various directions in different parts of their faces. Take the time to have a good look at your hair and work out which way it’s growing in all areas of your face. Make sure to always shave with the grain and never against it to avoid irritation and nicks and cuts.

Use shaving cream

High-quality shaving cream is essential in helping your razor glide across the skin, preventing irritation and helping to soften the hair on your skin. Using a shaving brush to apply the cream to your face or body will further help you to align your hairs and get the best shave possible.

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Apply short strokes

If you use a disposable razor, you’re probably used to using long strokes across your skin. But with safety razors, it’s important that you only use short strokes of 1 to 3 centimetres. This will help to prevent cuts and irritation, as well as avoiding a clogged up razor.

Press gently against your skin

As razor blades are very sharp, you don’t need to apply much pressure at all to get an extremely close shave. Let the razors do the hard work and press lightly against your skin to avoid unnecessary irritation and injury.

Flip and then rinse the razor when it clogs

There are two sides to safety razors, so once one side clogs up you can switch over and use the other side. While you’ll still have to rinse your razor once both sides have been used, you’ll have to do it less frequently than you would with disposables. Although it may take a few goes to perfect your technique, there’s a reason that safety razors have stuck around this long. Make the right choice for the planet and your skin by investing in a safety razor today.

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