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Four Interior Design Principles That You Can Break

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The idea of interior design can be confusing and intimidating to some. With so many patterns, colour schemes and layouts to choose from, it can be overwhelming for many homeowners.

Because of this, there are a few, simple and easy-to-follow ‘rules’ that many people like to follow, believing that these will simplify the interior design process. These include matching colours, making sure things are symmetrical, purchasing matching furniture, and so on.

However, interior design doesn’t need to be bound by strict guidelines. In fact, some of the best artists and designers consistently break these so-called rules.

In this blog, we’re going to discuss four design principles that you can break.

  1. Matching chairs

When it comes to your dining room, it makes sense to purchase a dining set that has matching chairs. This brings uniformity to your space and gives the room a complete look. However, sometimes matching chairs can also be boring and overly formal.

If you want to switch things up, experiment with dining chairs of different styles. Mixing up the materials, the colours and the patterns can bring a lot of character into your living space. It makes room for contrast, variety and quirkiness.

If you have a rustic aesthetic throughout your home, mismatched dining chairs can work wonders. The mixture of styles evokes a sense of informality, which in turn, can make your space seem more open and homely.

  1. Symmetry

When it comes to interior design, a lot of homeowners seem to be obsessed with symmetry. And understandably so. Everyone wants their home to seem clean, stable and well-grounded. To a lot of people, only symmetry can bring a sense of balance.

However, in visual arts, this isn’t always the case. Asymmetrical patterns can also give you a sense of balance. More accurately, they can give you a sense of completeness without the dullness and uniformity of symmetrical patterns.

For example, instead of having the coffee table at the centre of your rug, why not put it off a little to the side? This then gives you room to have a large L-shaped couch or a couple of bulky mismatched chairs in the living room.

Artists like Robert Delaunay and Pablo Picasso are known for their asymmetrical patterns and figures. So, take a page from these legendary artists and sprinkle a little bit of ‘chaos’ into your interior design.

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  1. Matching colour schemes

So, how do you achieve a harmonious colour scheme without it too bland and boring? Well, one way to get around this is to have a muted colour scheme (i.e., beige, tans, whites, etc.,) and add spots of bright colour throughout.

If you want a hint of bright lime in your living room, why not add a single lime green chair next to your beige couch? If you’re up to it, you can even add fuchsia panelling by the headboard of your bed frame.

Having hints of saturated colour in your interior breaks up the muted monotony that you find in most modern homes. In addition, bright spots of colour also give the eyes a visual anchor. This gives the space character and a sense of completeness, a contrast from run-of-the-mill showroom layouts.

So, next time you’re up for a living room, bathroom or kitchen renovation, take a risk and add a bit of colour into your space.

  1. Stick with the same era

Some homeowners believe that you need to have either a retro look or a modern aesthetic. But if you really want your personality to shine through, you should experiment by mixing the two together.

For example, if you’re really into your vintage Persian rugs, you might be tempted to get a couch that features similar ornate designs.

However, if you do this, you’re missing out on a great chance to achieve some eye-catching contrast. By having a plain-white modern couch on top of an old rug with intricate patterns, you’ll be able to make certain parts of your living room pop out. It gives your interior some visual variety and it helps you avoid the feeling of being stuck in a particular time period.

As you can see, there are a lot more possibilities once you free yourself from restricting rules. If you need professional advice, don’t hesitate to contact your local builders and renovators. They’ll be more than happy to bring your vision to life.

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