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How to Maintain and Improve Employee Satisfaction

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A business can only be as strong as the employees who work there, making staff satisfaction and retention one of the key factors for success. Keeping your employees happy and fulfilled at work has a substantial effect on their motivation, morale and productivity, helping your business thrive and reach its full potential.

Employee disengagement can cost the economy billions of dollars a year and have a devastating impact on businesses too. After the COVID-19 pandemic has put a financial strain on many business owners, now more than ever it’s important to keep our employees satisfied and motivated to do their very best.

If you feel like your business is suffering from employee disengagement, here are 5 ways you can work to improve employee satisfaction.

Hire professional cleaning services

As we continue to transition back into in-office work, the pressure is on to maintain a clean, organized and welcoming workplace that employees can actually look forward to coming into. One of the best ways to do this is to hire professional office cleaning services, who can work with you to create a tailored cleaning plan that suits the needs of your staff and your business.

These services can include everything from carpet steam cleaning to bathroom sanitation, keeping your workplace sparkling clean and helping your staff feel safe and comfortable in the office. It’s also an important part of maintaining a positive brand image, leaving a good first impression on any visitors to your place of business.

Be flexible

Work-life balance is quickly becoming one of the number one demands of modern-day employees, with there being a strong desire for more control, autonomy and responsibility for their work schedules and the opportunity to work from home.

Letting staff figure out what works best for them rather than setting blanket rules that apply to the entire organization can go a long way. Allowing employees to work at hours that suit them or work from home when it’s convenient are two great ways to empower them and respect their individual needs.

Prioritize communication and transparency

Change in the workplace can be hard for some employees to adjust to, especially if they feel like they’re being kept in the dark. This can result in disengagement and a dangerous game of Chinese whispers that can rumble through the office.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Taking a transparent approach to keeping your employees informed is the best thing you can do, whether it’s through team meetings, emails or intranet software. Make sure that this is a two-way process, allowing your staff to give their opinions and feedback on what’s going on so that their voices are heard and their thoughts are taken into consideration.

Reward hard work

Everyone likes feeling that their hard work is appreciated, and going out of your way to recognize your staff’s achievements is a powerful tool. This can be done through anything from an internal newsletter to a staff meeting, as long as the message gets across.

While no one’s going to turn down a raise, there are plenty of other ways you can reward hard work too. Gift vouchers and additional leave will also be greatly appreciated, and give your staff something to aim for and motivate them.

Focus on mental and emotional health

Demonstrating that you care about your employee’s physical and mental well-being is one of the best ways to increase their job satisfaction. Simple things like being aware of the warning signs of staff burnout and taking the time to check in on one another can have a positive impact on mental health in the workplace.

In terms of physical health, offering free or discounted gym memberships as well as healthy snacks or meals can help your staff feel their very best, allowing them to work hard, stay motivated and have the energy they need to get the job done right.

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