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Rubbish Removal Tip to Save you Money and Time

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Your home is your sanctuary, and a clean, organised home is hugely beneficial to both your health and your overall well-being. With more of us working from home thanks to the pandemic, that unfortunately means more waste and more that we have to find a way to cheaply dispose of.

If you’ve got a heap of bulky rubbish in your home, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Rubbish removal services can be expensive, but luckily, there are plenty of ways around this. Here are 5 ways to save money on rubbish removal and be rid of your waste without blowing your budget.

Hire affordable rubbish removal specialists

The best way to efficiently and responsibly dispose of a large amount of rubbish is to hire a waste management company to get the job done for you if you haven’t already. No matter what type of waste you have, whether it’s recyclables, electronics, hard rubbish or anything in between, they’ll be able to dispose of it in the most appropriate way.

This means not only a minimal impact on the environment, but a minimal impact on your bank account, too. Waste management companies are a cost-effective solution if you have large amounts of rubbish to get rid of, saving you the expenses of lugging yourself to and from waste sites and hiring trailers or taking multiple trips to get the job done.

Gather your rubbish in a single location

If all your rubbish is scattered around various spots on your property, it’ll take extra time to locate and collect. This can also lead to confusion about what needs to be collected and what doesn’t, which means your removalists will be constantly having to double check with you what they’re meant to be taking with them.

To avoid this and save yourself time and potential extra costs, gather all your rubbish in a single location and make things as quick and easy as possible for your waste removalists.

Separate your waste

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Dumping all your rubbish together may mean that it’ll have to be sorted through by your removalists before they can dispose of it properly, making their job harder and increasing their time spent on the job. To avoid this, separate your waste into different categories to prepare them for loading, such as recyclables and hard rubbish.

Putting in this little bit of extra effort will not only make this easier for your removalists, but help you avoid any potential extra fees as well. If you’re not sure what items to place in what category, there are plenty of resources online to help you out.

Break down and flatten your waste

Generally, if you hire rubbish removalists, you’ll be paying by the cubic metre. With this in mind, it’s in your best interest to break down and flatten your recyclables as much as possible. By making them as small as possible you’ll also make getting rid of them as cheap as possible, so it’s worth the extra bit of manual labour on your end.

However, don’t stop at your recyclables. Much of your furniture, especially if it’s a table or a shelf, can be broken down further too. While you’ll have to be careful in doing so, it’s always in your best interest to make whatever you’re disposing of as small as you can when it comes to waste removal.

Donate or repurpose

While it may go without saying, the best way to save money on waste management is to have less waste to dispose of in general. Chances are, lots of your rubbish would actually be able to find a new home. Donating your hard rubbish, such as old furniture, toys or collectables that are still in good condition, to your local charity shop is a noble and respectable way to lighten your load. If you’re looking to make some extra cash, you can even try online marketplaces to quickly and easily unload your belongings.

Another option is to take a look at your items and ask yourself if they’re really ready to be thrown out. Something like an old dresser can be made good as new with a few simple repairs or a paint job, and find a new home in your spare bedroom or in the garage for extra storage.

Council collections

Most local councils offer free hard rubbish collection for residents every year, although how many of these you get will depend on your location. Each council will also have its own rules regarding what can and cannot be collected, and how much can be collected for free.

While you probably won’t be able to get rid of all your hard rubbish using this service, it’s worth doing your research and finding out what you will be able to dispose of for free thanks to your council.

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