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The Benefits of Collagen Supplements

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Widely used in the worlds of health, beauty and fitness, collagen is a protein and one of the main components in the connective tissues of our body, and has many important functions such as strengthening our bones and structuring our skin.

While the body is able to naturally make its own collagen and it can be found in foods containing gelatin and animal fat, collagen drinks and supplements have become increasingly popular over the years. Collagen supplements have a variety of benefits and can be used for many different reasons. So let’s go over what they can do for your body and help you become the best version of yourself possible.

Create stronger bones

It’s no secret that as we age, our bones begin to break down and lose their strength. With this brittleness comes a higher risk of injury and increased healing times, potentially having a huge impact on our quality of life.

Studies have suggested that taking collagen supplements daily can help improve bone density and restore them back to a stronger state, helping to slow down the ageing process and making it easier for you to keep fit and healthy without hurting yourself in the process.

Collagen Drink

Promote skin elasticity

As we mentioned earlier, collagen is a huge component of our skin. It plays a vital role in strengthening it and providing it with elasticity and keeping it hydrated, but as we age our collagen levels drop and our skin begins to wrinkle.

Luckily for us, studies have shown that collagen supplements can help slow down the ageing process by improving the skin’s elasticity and hydration levels. This can help to lessen wrinkles and help us maintain a youthful appearance, all without invasive and expensive procedures that come with high risks and varying results.

Grow thicker hair and nails

Another benefit of collagen supplements is that they’re believed to help us grow thicker and stronger hair and nails. While we all know that many men go bald as they age, what’s not often discussed is that women can also experience hair loss or hair thinning as well. Studies have shown that collagen can help both men and women grow thicker hair with increased quantity and scalp coverage simply by taking a daily collagen supplement.

Collagen supplements can also have a positive effect on our nails, increasing the speed at which they grow and making them less susceptible to being broken or chipped.

Increase muscle mass

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, making it a pivotal part of our musculoskeletal system. This is why collagen is widely used to boost muscle mass, with research showing that it can both increase the synthesis of muscle proteins like creatine and help promote muscle growth after exercise.

In combination with protein powder, collagen can be consumed via protein shakes after a workout, helping your muscles recover and repair at an increased speed and improving your strength thanks to its high amino acid content.

Promote heart health

Another theory put forth by researchers is that collagen supplements can reduce the risk of heart conditions. One of collagen’s roles within the body is to give structure to the arteries, which carry the blood from our heart around our bodies. Without enough collagen, the arteries can become less flexible and lose their ability to successfully transport our blood to where it needs to go which increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke.

However, studies have suggested that daily collagen supplements can reduce artery stiffness and help them continue to perform their job successfully. It also increased their levels of HDL (good) cholesterol, although more studies are needed on the correlation between collagen supplements and heart health.

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