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What is a Hamptons Style House?

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Originating from the wealthy New York coastal area, the highly sought after Hamptons-style interior has gone global and can now be found all around the world. 

The Hamptons has a reputation for housing the New York City elite during the summer months, and its unique style of homes quickly became an international symbol of status and wealth. Due to Australia’s similarly warm climate and abundance of beautiful beaches, Hamptons-style homes have become increasingly popular here over the past few decades.

But what exactly dictates a Hamptons-style home? Many unique elements make up this unique architectural style, and they come together to create a beachy, sophisticated and classic house. Here are the essentials of a Hamptons-style home, and how you can bring a bit of New York glamour into your property.


Hamptons-style homes have a rustic yet upscale aesthetic, with a very specific feel. The Hamptons colour palette includes plenty of whites and sand, soft blues and greens, and neutral greys. 

They also commonly have decorative features such as paneling, embossed wallpapers and textured paint finishes. Hamptons homes are soothing, calm spaces that are inspired by the colors of nature. Many owners of Hamptons-style homes choose to keep their walls and cabinets white and add in splashes of color with furniture and artwork.


Hamptons-style exteriors feature gable rooflines and timber slate to achieve that beachy, clean feel they’re so famous for. This is combined with spacious front porches, weatherboard panelling and white window frames.

The beauty is in the details with Hamptons-style homes, and they are commonly adorned with intricate balustrades, pillars and window trimmings.


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Any Hamptons-style home should have rooms filled with natural light, oversized furniture and a combination of different textures. The rooms should be generously proportioned and have timber flooring.

Kitchens are filled with white or cream marble and stone, with timber accents and classic knobs and handles. Bathrooms often have a light colour palette and large mirrors, and make sure to fill the space up with some greenery and colourful accessories. 

Due to the timer flooring commonly used throughout, Hamptons-style homes are often filled with wool or silk rugs to add a homey and comfortable feel to the bedrooms and living areas.

Common features

There are many commonly found features of Hamptons-style homes that give this architectural style its immediately distinguishable look. They include:

  • Hamptons staircase

The classic Hamptons-style staircase is wooden, with white accents such as balusters and risers. They are typically found by the front door in the hallway.

  • Outdoor entertaining space

All Hamptons-style homes should have a stunning outdoor entertainment space, perfect for both casual and formal occasions. French doors are commonly used to utilise both the indoor and outdoor areas when entertaining.

  • Open floor plan

Open and airy house plans are a quintessential feature of Hamptons-style homes. An open layout will allow each room to flow into the next and make for the perfect home to entertain your guests in and enjoy the company of your family.

  • A window seat

Hamptons-style homes are made for easy, relaxing living. A window seat is commonly found amongst them and is perfect for reading a book or listening to a podcast while you enjoy the view.

With their timeless yet modern features and laid-back vibes, it’s no wonder Hamptons-style homes are so popular. If you’re building up house plans for a new home design or simply renovating your current one, this is one architectural style you should be sure to consider.

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