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What is Tantric Massage?

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Tantric massage is a form of full body sensual massage that is both intimate and spiritual. Unlike more traditional forms of massage, it focuses on the primary and secondary erogenous zones, as well as other parts of the body. The aim is not necessarily to bring about orgasam, but to awaken sexual energy and increase mindfulness of your body and physical pleasure.

Curious to find out more? Let’s have a look at what’s involved in a tantric massage and what some of the benefits are.

What’s involved?

Tantric massage is a form of erotic massage that incorporates elements of neotantra, a Western practice that is derived from Hindu beliefs. It involves massaging and stimulating the body’s primary erogenous zones including the mouth and genitals, as well as secondary erogenous zones including the nipples, scalp, feet, buttocks, ears, inner thighs and others.

A tantric massage can include a range of massage techniques such as Swedish massage, Reiki, hot stone massage, remedial massage and more. The massage styles incorporated will depend on the masseuse and their preferred techniques and the preferences of the recipient.

Besides the physical elements, tantric massage also includes spiritual elements and emotional elements like mindfulness, eye contact, and breathing techniques.

While a tantric massage is sexual in nature, the goal is not to bring about an orgasm. Instead the focus is on developing mindfulness of the body, enhancing the experience of physical pleasure, increasing feelings of intimacy between the giver and receiver and creating a closer connection to your sense, feelings and emotions. It can also be used to remove blockages, whether they’re physical, mental, emotional, sexual or even psychosomatic.

Ultimately, tantric massage is about harnessing sexual energy and putting it to use for therapeutic and wellness purposes.

Tantric massage is a slow process and should never be rushed. It will usually last more than an hour and will often be directed by reciprocal communication between the giver and receiver.

Benefits of Tantric Massage

Tantric massage can offer a wide range of benefits for the giver and receiver.

  • Change up a stagnant routine

For many people, sex can start to become a routine and boring endeavour. For couples that have lost their spark or started to stagnate, tantric massage can help to bring back the excitement and joy in sex by trying something different.

  • Enhance intimacy

By spending time focusing on giving pleasure, rather than receiving or just working towards orgasm, you can develop a greater sense of intimacy. You can develop a deeper understanding of each other’s bodies and what gives the other pleasure. 

  • Remove sexual blocks and inhibitions

For people with sexual discomfort or inhibitions, tantric massage can be a great way to remove these blocks. It is gentle and slow paced and can be gradually built up to help overcome sexual issues. It can also be used to overcome sexual dysfunction in men and women.

  • Increase physical mindfulness

Tantric massage prompts you to pay conscious attention to your bodily sensations, emotions, and sexual pleasure during the massage. This can help to enhance your physical enjoyment of sex, appreciate your body and expand your range of sexual pleasure. 

  • Reduce stress, promote relaxation and improve health

As with any massage, tantric massage helps to reduce stress and promote relaxation. But the sexual element adds to the relaxation and stress release.

Whether you decide to try a professional massage or experiment with your partner, tantric massage is a great way to expand your sense of pleasure and relaxation.

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