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What Town Planners Do and Why You Need One?

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If you’re thinking about building a house, then you’ve probably heard of a town planner. But what is it that they do exactly? Also known as urban or city planners, town planners are an integral part of the development industry. They work with other professionals to review and assess projects before they begin the application process.

It is their responsibility to guide the future development of growing cities, regions and towns and take into consideration a variety of important factors. From projects as quaint as a small home extension or as grand as a 50 storey office building, town planners will be there to make sure the development gets approved and can start construction as soon as possible.

If you’re trying to find the right building designers for your project, it’s important that they have experienced and professional town planners on their team. Here are some of their many responsibilities, and why they make an integral part of any development project.

They have connections with local council members

Throughout their years of experience in the development industry, town planners develop relationships and valuable connections with many local council members. They know how to talk to and negotiate with these council members, helping their clients get the home of their dreams without facing expensive and time-consuming roadblocks.

Through their past experiences, they will have an understanding of how strict or how lenient certain local councils are and what they think you’ll be able to get away with. This insider knowledge will help you to avoid having to go back to the drawing board time after time, instead getting a smooth approval process that puts you on the path to construction.

They are familiar with planning requirements

Town planners are highly familiar with the planning requirements of local areas and what the limitations of your design will be. They will be able to help you create a design that meets these requirements and keep your expectations in line with reality.

This again will save you and your design team from wasting time on design elements that won’t get approved, whether that be due to restrictions on how high your dwelling can be or how close you can build to the perimeters of your land. While your architect will be able to help you design the home of your dreams, your town planner will make sure these plans actually get approved.

They can stop potential problems early on

Before you submit your application for approval, your town planner will be able to spot any potential problem areas that may prevent it from getting approved. Whether it’s missing information or design features that go against local council regulations, a good town planner will spot these issues before too much time, effort and money are wasted.

They can propose appropriate solutions to these problems

Not only can town planners spot potential problems early on, but they can provide solutions and appropriate alternatives as well. Through their past experiences, they will be familiar with the mistakes commonly made during the development process and how they can be rectified successfully.

This will help you to avoid repeating the same mistakes and above all else keep the project on time and budget.

The importance of town planners property development cannot be underestimated, and a good town planner is just as important as a good architect or builder. To make sure that you’re working with a reliable town planner, make sure that they have local experience, have had similar projects approved and are familiar with the types of projects currently being approved and denied by the local council.

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