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Why You Should Switch To Solar Garden Lights

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Solar garden lights might not be new to the market, but too many people remain unaware of the benefits they can bring to your outdoor area. Once you make the switch you’ll never want to go back, and in this article we’ll explore why.

How does a solar garden light work?

Solar garden lights are typically installed in your pathway or garden. As the name implies, their source of energy is the sun. Throughout the day, they collect and store energy derived from the sun which is then converted to light in the evening.

Whether it is a residential home or a commercial centre, solar lights are fast becoming the first choice for many individuals. Apart from the convenience they afford you as a homeowner, they also help you to add to the style of your building and deter criminals from coming near your property.

So let’s have a look at some of the reasons to make the switch to solar outdoor lighting.

Outdoor Garden Lights

Reduced power costs

Generally, solar garden lights are more affordable than other lighting options. This is because of their simple source of energy, which is the sun. The rechargeable batteries only need to absorb solar energy to supply the fuel needed to power the lights. This means you can light your outdoor areas without increasing your electricity costs.

Moreover, some solar garden lights now make use of LED bulbs, which offers some additional benefits to the consumers. LED bulbs consume less energy than regular bulbs and also last longer. Therefore, they tend to save you even more money in the long run.

They are environmentally friendly

Another key benefit of using solar lighting for your garden is its top-notch environmentally friendliness. This is due to the sustainable materials they are made from as well as the energy they save. On average, a solar garden light bulb lasts for up to a decade. This means that there is no need for constant replacement.

Additionally, since they don’t require electricity, you are consuming less power and reducing your carbon footprint.

They are safe

One of the key benefits that you can get from using solar lighting is safety. Apart from making your residence more beautiful, solar garden lights also help to make it less vulnerable to safety and security threats.

When outdoor bulbs are electric, bad weather or a power outage automatically exposes the building to risk. However, this cannot happen to solar lighting because lights are operated by rechargeable batteries deriving power from the sun, providing reliable, round-the-clock protection.

Furthermore, electric lights are known to overheat, which can make them a fire hazard. However, this is not the case with solar lights. Plus, solar lighting fixtures are usually wireless and detachable so tripping over wires and power cords is no longer a concern.

They are versatile

Outdoor solar lighting has the advantage of versatility. Foremost, most solar garden lights come with fixtures that allow them to be installed and placed anywhere there is access to direct sun. Usually, you get the opportunity to choose a mounting option that best suits your needs.

In addition to this, some outdoor light fixtures come with a detachable solar panel. This makes it possible to install the fixture wherever you like with integrated solar panels infused into the head of each lamp directly.

They require low maintenance

Generally, outdoor solar lighting fixtures are easy to maintain. This is not surprising because they are generally more affordable and a lot less upkeep is involved. This makes them less costly to maintain compared to electric and gas outdoor lights.

They are accessible

Solar garden lights are easily accessible in terms of cost and installation. The larger percentage of electric fixtures requires professional help for installation due to the involved complexity. Not only does this consume time, but it also can be costly.

However, this is not the case with solar lighting. Installation is usually simple and straightforward. It costs significantly less and often does not even require any form of professional assistance.

It’s clear that solar garden lights have a long list of advantages when compared to traditional electric fixtures. Make the switch today and see what you’ve been missing out on.

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