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Why You Should Upgrade Your Thermostat

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In Australia, it is absolutely vital to have a heating and cooling system that’s adaptable and efficient. Nowadays, air conditioner installation is a necessity when it comes to newer homes.

If maintained properly, your home’s first A/C unit can serve you well for a good number of years. However, at some point, you’re going to need to upgrade parts of your HVAC system. One of these parts is the thermostat. With rapid developments in technology, it seems like there are new HVAC developments every year. By getting on the latest trends, you can make your home more efficient, more convenient and more comfortable.

Here are the reasons you should upgrade your thermostat.

Helps your home become energy efficiency

Your HVAC system is one of the biggest contributors to your high energy bills. Sometimes, we turn on the A/C and simply forget that it’s on after a few minutes. Even worse, there are times when we leave our home without turning it off.

Luckily, with the latest thermostats, there are a few ways to get around this. First, you can rely on your HVAC system’s motion sensors. If no one is home and it senses no movements for a certain amount of time, the thermostat will automatically turn off. You can also program it so that when it senses movement inside the home, the HVAC system will be turned back on.

Alternatively, you can set up your thermostat so that it turns on and off at specific times. For example, you can set it up so that it turns on 15 minutes before you get home from work and turn off once you’re in bed. Not only is this convenient, but it will prevent your energy bills from getting out of hand.

Smart thermostats are flexible

Older thermostats only allow you to turn your HVAC system on and off for the entire property. This means that if one person wants the A/C off and the other wants it blasting, it’s going to be hard to reach a compromise.

With smart thermostats, however, you’ll be able to choose which areas you want to isolate. For example, you can have the A/C blowing in the home office, while the living room enjoys the natural breeze through an open window.

Some thermostats can even adjust the level of heating or cooling for individual rooms. For instance, you can have the heater on for all rooms, but have different temperatures for each one.

This flexibility will also help in reducing your energy bills. If you’re home alone, you can set up your thermostat so that it only cools down or warms up the room that you’re in.

Can be controlled remotely

Whether you’re travelling for a business trip or for a vacation, there are inevitably going to be times when you have to leave your property. It’s not unlikely that you’re going to forget to clear the presets that you’ve given your thermostat. Even worse, if you have an older system, you might even have it on for the entire time that you’re away. This can cause you a great deal of stress especially if no one is home to turn the thermostat off for you.

Newer thermostats can be controlled via a mobile app. Like with most smart appliances, your smart thermostat can be connected to your home Wi-Fi. With this, you can control your HVAC system whether you’re at work or on vacation. If you forgot to turn off the heater before you left, you won’t have to stress yourself out about it. You can just whip out the phone and turn it off remotely.

A great replacement for malfunctioning thermostat

This is probably the simplest and most obvious reason to upgrade your thermostat. A thermostat that malfunctions can be a real nuisance. Most broken thermostats are erratic and some simply don’t allow you to set the temperature that you want.

Unfortunately, most of us will simply ignore this and push through it. With our busy schedules, it is easy to just dismiss this issue. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the value of having a fully functioning thermostat. You might find that simply being able to set the right temperature for your home does a great deal of good to your stress levels. Just like your plumbing and cabling systems, sometimes your air conditioner requires professional attention. If you need more information on upgrading your thermostat, be sure to consult an HVAC specialist.

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