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How to Maintain your Teak Furniture

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Teak outdoor furniture is extremely durable and requires a minimal amount of maintenance. However, proper care is still necessary to keep it looking great and ensure it stands the test of time. Australia has a tough, diverse climate, and even the highest quality products need a bit of assistance in withstanding its intense conditions.

To make sure you get the best out of your teak furniture, check out our handy teak maintenance tips.

Regular Cleaning

Teak outdoor furniture is extremely easy to clean, and shouldn’t require it too often. However, dirt, debris and spiderwebs can build up over time when left outdoors.

When cleaning teak furniture, avoid using general-purpose cleaning products, as they can be too harsh and could damage the teak furniture. Instead, use a mild solution of soapy water and a degreasing agent.

To avoid scratching your product, use a soft brush and follow the grain when cleaning. If you need to remove a stain, you could either sand over the affected area or purchase a commercial grade teak cleaner.

Use a Timber Sealer

New teak furniture will have a natural honey/brown colour. However, as the timber naturally ages, it will slowly fade to a silver and grey colour. How long this takes depends on how much rain and ultraviolet light it’s exposed to, although it normally takes around 9-12 months.

While many people love the results of this naturally occurring patina, there are things that can be done to preserve teak’s original golden tones. Applying a teak sealer to your furniture soon after purchase and reapplying it every 6-12 months will help you achieve this. As teak naturally produces its own oil, this should be enough to maintain your desired tone. However, teak-specific oils are available if needed, particularly if you live in a warm climate and your furniture is under direct sunlight.

Make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned your teak furniture and allowed it to dry before using any sealing product to avoid any stains or dirt getting trapped.

Protect it from Excessive Heat

Teak outdoor furniture

Australia’s often extreme climate will require you to provide a bit of extra love and care to your teak furniture, especially in the summer months.

You may need to reapply sealant and oils on a more regular basis, particularly if your furniture is exposed to direct sunlight or you live in a region susceptible to high temperatures. You can also cover it up with breathable material when it’s going unused to prevent any potential damage.

Although sun damage may impact the colour of your teak furniture, it will not damage it structurally. For this reason, many owners may decide to let their teak products age naturally and avoid the extra maintenance that comes with sealants and extra sun protection.

Keep it away from Moisture

Teak is generally highly resistant to water; however, overexposure can cause deterioration and the formation of mildew. If you have an outdoor folding table or dining chairs and benches, make sure you keep the legs away from areas that puddles may form in.

If you live in an area with particularly severe rainfall, you may want to consider moving your teak furniture inside during these periods.

Teak furniture is renowned for its durability and convenience. As long as you follow these guidelines your furniture will remain strong, reliable and inviting for a long time to come.

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